Friday, 29 February 2008

Friday 29th February 08

I took the kids to school as we could tell that it would be difficult this morning.

When I got back, tried to clear some of the backlog of washing up and spent a few minutes in the garden putting things away which I don't want to get rained on, then got a phonecall from Radio who are interviewing me about CRAGs and green living.

That went out at 11.25 ish and was very short... but I got the essential information in about the website and some lifestyle tips about transport, diet, insulation, so worth it.

Then had a lovely chat with a Mum wanting me to come and entertain her son for his 7th birthday, attracted by my 'ethical entertainment' column in Primary Times!

The rest of the day went quickly, boys in a good mood when coming home and a pleasant evening... when they'd gone to bed Gill and I had a game of Scrabble, she got all the high scorers and won... most satisying for her!

I had a good googletalk chat with my friend over the pond, and received an email from a green friend who has filled in a questionnaire about the earthquake. Blog readers who experienced it (or any other British earthquake) could click this link: .

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