Monday, 18 February 2008

Monday 18th February 08

Awoken by a shouting child unwilling to go to school... so I came down and changed the subject and took them both to school with no further hassle. A very good day followed... some conversation with Gilly and time sorting emails and researching my column, on clothing.

Then at 11 I set off to visit my dentist's, although I had an appointment with Cheryl not Prue, and got a lesson in how to do my teeth properly which apparently I haven't been doing. I promise to do better!

Then to Boots to find some daily anti plaque bacteria mouthwash, as directed.

And home with shiny clean teeth to have lunch with. Then got on with some woodchopping, as I now have a sizable pile of good fuel from Woodlands which needs a bit of management. Took several Fiddlesticks calls, including one firm booking, but managed to get quite a bit done outside too.

I got the kids from school, and Gill made leek and potato soup from the leek tops I rescued yesterday from the 3 sacks of wholesaler's waste. These trimmed leaves are just as good as the white stalky bits... if not better!

During the rest of the afternoon and evening wrote my column on ethical clothing decisions and at 11pm, sent it in to Community Care, in good time for publication next week.

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