Thursday, 23 June 2011

Wednesday 22nd June 11

Gill took our youngest to school by taxi and I got up at around 9.30.  I had a relatively sedentary day attempting to get some writing done, but felt fairly frustrated.  I did have a few nice chats online though.

I got some of the WNBR notes done, but failed to finish the notes from last night's meeting. I am easily distracted.

I did lots of washing up and had to deal with some red-tape type stuff, a couple of phone calls and letters.  I couldn't decide whether to take my shredder to the Steiner School to deal with the pile of vegetation-decoration, and in the end, to save Gill going in again on the bus (as I wouldn't be able to take the child's bike AND the shredder) I decided not to, but to collect our son myself.

So, at 3 I cycled to the Steiner School with out youngest's bike on my trailer.  I met my old friend Andy White whom I haven't seen for ages and that cheered me up.  We cycled home quickly since I made my son's bike saddle higher and pumped the tyres up.  I stopped on the way home to collect a good big trailer full of scrap wood from a house having building work done, with permission of course.  My son didn't stop, and carried on home by himself.  I think he's old enough and a good cyclist enough to cycle all the way home by himself, but Gill disagrees. Having to do two trips each day to the Steiner School eats up so much of the day!

After I got in, I couldn't stand any more time inside, so I started on the raised bed I've been planning for a while.  I made the back wall, from bricks, to stop the soil going onto the fence.  I did a bit of composting and some planting up. 

I did some fruit drying in the evening, and listened to

But all in all a bit of nothingy day.  Hope I'm more cheerful tomorrow.

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