Sunday, 12 June 2011

Saturday 11th June 11

I got up surprisingly early, considering what time I felt sleepy enough to go to bed last night.  And unusually I got dressed quickly, as my friend who had given me their bank card to prevent spending on alcohol was due to come and collect it.  So the card was collected, and I got stuff ready to take to St Nicks for the Give and Take day.  I had a few bits and bobs in the garage, some kids toys, bike bits, a nice lamp base, some videos.  I took these in on the way to see David, as I was due to arrive at his place at 12.15. 

However, when I got to David's, there was a group of people decorating Barley Hall for a wedding, adorning parts of the building with vegetation.  There was a lot of waste offcut stuff around, so I asked them if they'd like me to take it and recycle it.  Positive response led to me getting 3 sacks of unwanted greenery.

I had my sandwiches whilst chatting with David before starting work, and we left at 12.30.  I took him into St Nicks via Peasholme Green, Foss Islands, James St and Hazel Court.  He hadn't seen St Nicholas Fields in it's current glory, and loved the birdsong.

The Environment Centre was already open when we arrived, and David gave in his bag of tins of soup.  We had a poke around and he found a cookery book for one of his PAs, Linda, who loves cookery books.  We chatted to all sorts of people.  Linda turned up and I chatted to her daughter Louise, who lives in the eco-friendly housing near St Nicks.

I found a few courgette plants and just as I was leaving, a dalek composter base was brought in.  Gill also turned up with a lot of childrens' shoes.  I then took David on a tour of the nature reserve and back home.  He loved it, said so several times.  I got him some toast for lunch and left at about 3pm.

I called in on St Nicks to collect my courgettes and composter base, and then on to Richard at Country Fresh. I picked up one sack of recyclable stuff plus some vegetables for Debbie and tomatoes for us, to make soup for the Steiner School holiday next week.

I planted up some of the freebie plants and dumped stuff on the current heap.

Did lots of washing up and other housework, before getting to bed at a more civilised 2am.

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