Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Tuesday 28th June 11

Spent the entire morning helping Gill deal with the accounts.  I went through the diary, April 2010 to April this year, and checking with my blog to find out my 'John the Composter' gigs and compost sales.  I managed to focus on this and by lunchtime had got all of the info from these sources to allow us to nearly finish the accounts. There is one more jobette to do; to work out the phone costs.  With the Phone Co-op it is possible to sort outgoing phone calls with a code which you put in before dialing.  This means I can accurately say how much I spend on different phone calls.  But I have to add VAT to each figure and we haven't done that yet.

So after lunch I did some more enjoyable things, out in the garden.  I fed a whole lot more turf through my mechanical riddle and got 2 wheelbarrows full of lovely fine loam, which went into the raised bed.  Then I did two wheelbarrows of compost, from a dalek with very mature and reasonably dry crumbly stuff in it.

At 3pm I cycled down to the Steiner School with our youngest's bike, and collected a box of material from Country Fresh which I put on my rack.  This was good for a nitrogen-rich layer on the new compost heap which I'm creating. We cycled back quickly and I continued in the garden, finishing off the raised bed and planting it up with a load of sweetcorn, a few beans, a cucumber and a few small squash plants.  I might get some crops off this, who knows?

I also responded to a message from a Freecycler I'd sent a request to, for a 500g bag of oats.  So I cycled over to some new housing on Heworth Green and 'got my oats' and came back via the cycle track, picked up some logs, and chatted with John Horsley who was cycling in the same direction.

I got a sack of stuff from Freshways and did some more time in the garden before it got too dark to continue.  I had a very enjoyable evening with a nice phone chat with a friend, and did a big wash-up whilst listening to

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