Sunday, 5 June 2011

Saturday 4th June 11 The Sixth World Naked Bike Ride

I had booked three tickets for a screening of 'Home' at City Screen, so I could take my sons to the cinema as a treat... but as usual I didn't get it quite right.  I thought a film with fantastic aerial photography and a good environmental message might be a treat.  But neither of them were keen, so I didn't force them to go.  This meant  that I didn't feel like going either.

However, I needed to go to town to get some bamboo canes for the World Naked Bike Ride flags, and Richard had messaged me too, asking me to pick up today. So I decided to make best use of the journey and take in the accumulated drinks cartons to Hazel Court... and I had some space in the trailer so I took some steel tubing which has sat in the garden for ages... I think it came from a rusty hammock which someone gave us.

So the metal stuff went in the metal skip and tetrapacks in the drinks carton recycling skip.  I went on to Barnitts to get 10 bamboos and then went to Richard's to pick up the 4 boxes of compostables he had for me.  In such warm weather, stuff goes off really quickly.

I had quite a long time chatting with Rich but as I hadn't gone to the film, I had plenty of time.

I got home and Gill was complaining about my compost heap smelling.  I went down the garden and couldn't smell it.  Gill went to buy bread or something and came back, apologising as other people were complaining of the pong... it was a nearby farmer, presumably, spreading something pungent on the fields.  I went on the computer and found the Press had published the piece I was asked to write last night.  I was pleased with it, and also that comments were not enabled on it!  The WNBR always gets the bigots sniping.

I had lunch and did a bit of sorting in the garden.  Then at 2pm, I was expecting Ian and Lyndsay, but they didn't show, but I continued getting my stuff together for the ride.

So at about 3.30 I set off for the Millennium Bridge. (tbc)

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