Friday, 10 June 2011

Thursday 9th June 11

Well, I got up at 9.30 but didn't get dressed til midday, spent a couple of hours doing stuff on the laptop, trying to do various jobs which were easy with my old system but now I'm using a non-windows system, I'm not sure how to do some things.

So, I got dressed and got busy outside, I finished off the digging out of one NZ pallet bin and dumping it into the next-door one, and started to refill the recently emptied one with a layer of twigs and sticks, a bag of sawdust, weeds and then a good thick layer of fruit and veg, which I seeded with some old Bokashi bran that I'd been given.  There is a chance this will help reduce any smells, although my heaps don't often go anaerobic.

Towards 5pm I loaded up a few bags of compost for a friend and got the bike ready to go to town, as I was due to work for David at 6.  When I got to his place, I told him about the fundraising gig for St Nicks, at the Unitarian Chapel tonight, and he was interested in going to check it out.  However, he fancied a coffee at City Screen first, and we met a chap called Richard whom David knew.

Then I took David to the Chapel on St Saviourgate and the performers were practicing so we heard what they were like... David liked it and bought a ticket and I took him in, and we got a place right in the front of all the seats.  The concert was performed by David Hammond on piano, Ellen Jordan on cello and Rob Caruthers on Spanish Guitar.  There were some pieces which were for piano and cello (Saint-Saens and Shostakovich), one for cello and guitar (Bellafonte) and the last one was an arrangement of a piece by Piazzolla which was for all three instruments.  Once again, this sort of music was outside my sphere of knowledge, as I had an overdose of classical music as a child which poisoned my appreciation of it, but as I get older I'm beginning to appreciate it a bit.  It's nowhere near as exciting as 3 electric guitars, synth and drums and plenty of effects pedals, but that's the sort of stuff I liked as a late teen and my love of it will never go, even though I'm now incredibly sober compared to my hippy trippy days.  Maybe my sobriety means I'm OK with this more staid music... although the Shostakovich was pretty mad and I enjoyed the simple guitar of the Leo Brouwer piece.

This finished after 10 pm so I zoomed David home and got him his tea and came home to have mine.  I chopped up a thrown away plantain (a cooking banana) and boiled that, threw in some out of date freegan beans I cooked yesterday and a few lumps of red pepper... and had that with a coleslaw.... delicious!

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