Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Monday 13th June 11

Up early as our youngest was off on a school camping trip, and I wanted to see him off.  Actually he woke me with his laughing and singing.  The Steiner School is really good for him.  Things at home are so much better.

So Gill went in the taxi with him and I had breakfast with our eldest.  I read a message on facebook from Tim, the local Vicar, that there was a tree being taken down in Hull Road Park, so a bit later I cycled round and picked up a trailer-full of logs.

I did some work in the garden, but after lunch, Gill and our eldest went into town and I made 5 tubs of gunko pea and red pepper pate.  The beans I'd soaked and boiled a few days ago... I rinsed them and brought them to the boil again for 10 minutes, chopped up 5 waste red peppers, half an onion, 3 thrown away garlic cloves, a bit of bouillon and some soy sauce, oh and two spoonfuls of cooked quinoa.  This was all tipped into the blender goblet and whizzed up.  This made up 5 tubs of bean pate, so saving over £5 on hommous costs!

I sorted out my extra night of camping at the Little Green Gathering in July.  It starts on Friday 15th July but I'm travelling down on the Thursday, so I'm not hurrying on the Friday, as it's quite a long journey down to Hampshire.  I'll be helping to put up the stage on Friday morning, and contributing several Fiddlesticks appearances and an Advanced Composting talk.  There will be quite a few people going whom I'm really looking forward to seeing.

I was due to go to work at about 5pm, so Gill made up a pasta salad from yesterday's unwanted pasta and veg, and I cycled down to David's.  He fancied a walk using his walking frame so we trundled around the block, stopping to chat to Purple Man before going back to David's... and I got the wheelchair and he asked to be taken to the Library, where he looked for audio-books and leaflets, and we had a coffee.  I took him home via the Minster, where we met Paul Jennison the autoharp player, and chatted with him outside the Minster.

Then back home whee I cooked David's tea, already plated up by his previous PA, and I had my tub of pasta, made him a cup of tea and went by 7.20.  I headed straight for the Seahorse Hotel for the York in Transition meeting on 'Cosy Homes', a new project we're starting to try to increase the energy efficiency of rented properties.

That went on til 10 after which I came home and had a lot of writing to do, bed way after 2am.

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