Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wednesday 20th April 11

A work-full day...  Yesterday Anne  from S.N.A.P.P.Y. called me as they'd been let down by another activity provider, and asked if I could come in during the morning.  This fitted well with my booking for Knavesmire Kids Club in the afternoon. 

So, at about 10am I set out with my bag of sticks, the big unicycle and a full set of balloon show stuff, heading for The Groves where they have their base. I went in costume, and when I arrived I was shown that the chairs etc had been set out in the playground, outside in the sunshine, which isn't great for balloons.  But never mind, I got busy blowing up balloons and slipping them in the spokes to hold them.  Then when I was ready, and all the audience were assembled, I introduced myself with a bit of devilsticking and then started demonstrating various balloons, including a rocket balloon, which was popular.  As all the people there had moderate to severe disabilities, I wasn't expecting them to be able to do much of the balloon modelling themselves, but some did manage it to some extent.  Most of the youngsters had one-to-one care, so the carers did some balloon bending.  It all went very well, although the nature of some of the behaviour made it quite difficult... for instance, one lad picked up my unicycle and ran with it and threw it.  Fortunately it is designed to take a fair amount of knocks!  So, I finished by 11.30 and Anne took me to the office to give me a cheque.  I cycled home via St Nicks, to ask about it being a venue for Tracey Smith's visit on Saturday, but it will be closed.  I also told Catherine at York Rotters that I wasn't really able to help with most of the Compost Awareness Week stuff, as I'm just about fully booked.

So, home for a while, lunch, and then at about 1.30, set off for South Bank with all my gear for a full playscheme set.  I did my one hour show and workshop, then a session of free play workshop, followed by a balloon workshop.  Three hours, no breaks, was tough, but successful.

I got back at 5.40, Gill gave me tea which was a simple pasta dish, and at 6.15 I bombed into town as I was due to work for David at 6.30.  He was pleased to see me, and I suggested a walk (well, him in the wheelchair, me pushing!) in Museum Gardens, which he agreed to.  This was most enjoyable, with the evening sunlight coming through the copper beech trees, and after a slow circuit, we headed to the library, where the cafe was just closing, and then on to the Theatre Royal, where a very slow lift allowed us access to the cafe, where we had a coffee and cake.  Didn't spend long here, and went on to walk through Dean's Gardens and then back to Coffee Yard via Goodramgate.  I then got him his tea, washed up, chatted and at 8.30, went.

I stopped off at a skip for wood on the way home, and Freshways, and got in well after 9pm.  A long day.

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