Friday, 29 April 2011

Thursday 28th April 11

I had a good lie-in. I finished the risk assessment for the York World Naked Bike Ride and sent it to my two colleagues. Then more work out in the garden, including building the start of a new woodstack on the right of the front door, and unloading more boxes of biodegradables into the new Anderson air-raid shelter compost bin.  For the curious, this is made of two sheets of corrugated iron, as seen in this image, the ones with the curved tops.  Put on their side, like two letter j's, they form a good compost bin.  I line it with cardboard, and chuck in layers of shredded hedge and layers of unwanted fruit and vegetables.

I had my care-work at 6, and David and I had a good time.  We set out to go to the Library to return an audio-book, and then to the Theatre Royal to reserve tickets for The Crucible.  He couldn't buy them as we hadn't yet had confirmation from Lotte that she could go on the date chosen, a Matinee.  Then we went for a coffee at City Screen, and I got a reply text from Lotte, saying yes.  So once we'd finished the coffees, we went back to the Theatre and David bought his and Lotte's tickets.  I got a free one as I was going as David's PA.  Then I took him back to his house... I got his meal ready and sorted out his recycling... lots of newspapers and some old shirts which probably need to go for shoddy.

I came home soon after 8 and had an out-of-date tin of soup for tea, plus a cheese sandwich.

In the evening I did a big wash up and prepared a load more apples thrown out by the shops, and excellent for drying on my racks above the woodstove.

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