Monday, 18 April 2011

Sunday 17th April 11

Woke fairly late but got busy quickly as it was a lovely day.

After lunch I took the Green Party letters for postal voters and tried to find the various roads... I delivered to Lamel Beeches at The Retreat (involved a wait for staff), and then other roads off Heslington Road including flats at Dower Court, which involved another long wait for access, and Barbican Road, a few places off Cemetery Road, but there were quite a few places I couldn't find.  I eventually found Regent Street... but some of the houses had been demolished and the residents were now in the new replacement bungalows.  I managed to find two of these people.  Others here were flats and several people wanted to chat about Green Party policies and their issues.  I discovered Barbican Mews and delivered to Farrar St.  But I'd only done half of them and I'd spent nearly two hours, and was quite annoyed it had taken so long.  I don't mind delivering several hundred leaflets one after the other, down one side of a street and up the other, but next time I'm asked to deliver to two or three houses in one street, and with some of these flats and tiny streets impossible to find, I think I'll get a book of second-class stamps, as my time is precious!

I visited Country Fresh in the middle of this delivery, and collected 4 sacks/boxes, and on the way home, a sack from Freshways.

I got home and needed to spend time in the peace and quiet of the garden... well, relative peace, if you count the loud song of the robin as peaceful!  I dug out the Compostumbler and dumped the contents in a newly emptied ex-cylinder tumbler, an equivalent to a dalek.  I riddled a lot of mature compost which was in the bottom of a builders bag, and several sacks too.  I came in just before 9pm and had some noodles for tea.

And a fairly peaceful evening, I kept out of the way and did some work in the kitchen whilst listening to Robert Plant on BBC4.

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