Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Monday 18th April 11

Up late... well, fairly early but then went back to bed, so that really counts as a late start.  But once I'd got up, I went with the family up to Ros' house and picked up her unwanted guinea pig hutch.  It went on the bike trailer with no problems and then Gill and the boys cleaned it up.  Now all we need is two female guinea pigs.  Any offers?

I cycled into town with some more of the postal voters letters, and had another frustrating time trying to get them into the letterboxes inside flats... the outside doors have a keycode or a buzzer, some have 'Trades' which opens the door, but not all, so I only managed to get about another 10 delivered. 

I then headed for the Building Society where I put in my cheque from Saturday, and got out a cheque for my agent, who requested a 'finders fee' for a gig I did last week which he may or may not have had anything to do with.  However, I need to keep him sweet as he gets me some good work, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  He is a nice bloke and I don't want to lose the goodwill.  I cycled down the river after going to the Orange shop for a replacement SIM as my mobile phone keeps on telling me it isn't there, and gave him the cheque.  All very amiable.

Came back for lunch and then got busy with the chainsaw... took it slowly, chopping and splitting and stacking each in short bursts, so not to get worn out doing one activity.  Got very sweaty though, as it was warm.  Carolyn stopped briefly and invited me to go and visit to see her lift, which very occasionally has got stuck, so I said I'd visit her later.

I had rice for tea, some rice Gill cooked up a few days ago and made far too much.  But it was still nice.

Then went to visit Carolyn, and we had coffee and pistachio nuts, and then I saw her amazing lift, which if it goes wrong, someone has to wind it down, and I'm now on the list of people she can call to sort it out.  Then more chats and I made my excuses and came home... as I had to sort out some train tickets for a gig in Bristol, and finding cheap tickets is not easy.

Lit the stove and did some washing up.  Played Scrabble on facebook.

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