Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Tuesday 12th April 11

A good day, long day though...  First thing I cycled over to the hospital to give in a stool sample container as a family member isn't well, and needs a bit of investigation.  From here I went to pay in my Edible York cheque and get out a Yell Limited cheque.

On the way to the hospital, on the cycle track, I saw a tree had been partly blown over and chopped into chunks, so I wanted to visit it on the way home.  This fitted well with my next destination; Gill had asked me to go to Sainsburys to get the latest Harry Potter DVD, as it was only £9, compared to some of the other advertised prices.  So, I did this, and then hit the cycle track and came back with a trailer full of willow logs.

I then filled 5 sacks with riddled compost, the last of the current Edible York compost order, which I'll deliver tomorrow morning.  Then I got ready to go to work, a Professor Fiddlesticks show at a wedding at the Lady Anne Middleton's Hotel in York.  I went in costume, and arrived about half an hour early to undergo the short safety induction process, and have a coffee, and be mobbed by the children....

I eventually took the bike and trailer into the semicircular room, and had a reasonably good show; the children were excited and noisy, but most seemed to enjoy it, with good levels of participation.  The balloon show went just as well, and the groom was happy and paid me before I left.

I cycled in costume over to David's.  I'd warned him I might be in costume, and he said he wanted to see me dressed up.  After I got changed, we went to El Piano, as I'd told him about it and he said yes this time.  I bought us both a drink and some onion bhajis, and then later, back at his flat, I made him some food, and by 8 was finished, so only did 90 minutes with him tonight.

Was pleased to get home.  Had a tin of soup and a Gill-made veg pastie.

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