Saturday, 23 April 2011

Friday 22nd April 11

Not sure why I got up early but I was first downstairs and after breakfast, got busy in the garden.  I did an ENORMOUS pile of riddled compost with my Scheppach thingy.  I loaded my trailer with another 8 carrier bags of freshly riddled compost for my friend in Bishophill.  After a thick layer of sticks and peach stones, from the back end of the riddle, I put another layer of limp mooli and fenugreek, chopped green potatoes and wrinkled chillies on the current compost heap.

I came in for lunch at about 12.30.  Whilst eating lunch I started doing the risk assessment for this year's York World Naked Bike Ride, the aim of which is to show the police that it would be better if they offered us an escort like happens in Manchester and Sheffield.   Then got my knees cleaned up (I do a bit of kneeling whilst doing the compost riddling) and set off with the compost, my silly hat, a bag of small jam jars and a new bag of modelling balloons.... because today was the launch of Yorkshire Truly, headed up by Claire from Grace Preserves. I had offered to go and support this launch by doing some giveaway balloons.  Claire's business partner Karen was there, and they'd booked a face painter and a guitarist busker chap called Rod, I think.  So it was quite an occasion, and the visitors/customers seemed to enjoy the ambiance.

I had quite a busy time, sitting with the facepainter, and enjoying the music.  I stayed longer than planned as a friend who'd suggested a coffee at 3.30 didn't turn up.... but it was OK as I was having a good time.  So at about 4.30 I packed up and was given some unsold scones as a thank-you, and I cycled up to Bishophill to deliver the compost.  I was due to work for David at 6 but I was ready by 5.15, so I let myself in and met his carer and friend Pauline.  David was unsure what to do so I suggested that we could go to Rowntree Park, which he hadn't visited for several years.  On the way there, my old pal Julian overtook us on his bike and we chatted, which seemed to make the journey go even more quickly. 

In the park we watched a young woman doing poi, and then went to see the skate ramps area, the ex-bandstand area and then I took him over Millennium Bridge and back up the East side of the river.  We had an ice cream and watched the boats, and then popped into City Screen for a quick coffee, and back to his flat where I heated up his meal, and left at 7.45.

So a very satisfying day, I was really glad David enjoyed his Rowntree Park trip, and he asked if we could do it again sometime.  Suits me.... I am happy pushing the wheelchair and enjoy David's company.

When I got in I had a use-it-up meal and spent some time doing assorted fruit for drying.

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