Monday, 11 April 2011

Sunday 10th April 11

A very hardworking day... but a real goody.

Last night I emailed John Bibby as today I had provisionally agreed to go and finish off his huge tree trunk, but we hadn't agreed a time.  So this morning I was having breakfast, my usual bran flakes and muesli, and we spoke on the phone.  He suggested getting there before 11, so I got washed and dressed and took my new chainsaw, 50m of extension flex, maul (splitting axe) and extra oil all on the bike and in the trailer, and got there for 10.45.  I had a coffee and got working.

There was about two thirds of the tree trunk left, and I cut slices and then walloped them with the back of the maul, or tried to split them off by hitting the cut with the sharp-end of the axe.  John and Shirley went out on their bikes to see some Open Studios, and I filled their car with big lumps.  I stopped for a sandwich and drink, as it was very hot working in the sunshine, but I wanted to get it over and done with and eventually I got it all sorted.  I got a car full, and about the same volume (over a cubic metre) sitting on a blown-over fence panel.   I locked up the house at about 2.30 and came home, exhausted. 

John rang and came round with the first car full, and I filled and overflowed a builder's bag with the lumps.

I got washed and tidied for 5.30 as was working for David this evening.  I took him in the wheelchair to City Screen where we had a cuppa, and then I cooked him a meal and sorted out another cupboard of tins of mainly soup, some of which were 'best before' 2007 and 8.  So, as requested, I took anything pre 2010 and promised to 'dispose' of it! 

And guess what I had for tea when I got home?  A lovely tin of cream of tomato soup, circa 2007, was lovely, improved with age, methinks.  I followed this with a slice of Gill's quiche and some pasta and tomato salad. 

Then at about 9.30 there was a knock at the door and it was John Bibby and Will with the second lot of lumps, again, these filled a builder's bag and more, so I've a huge amount of stacking to do...  

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