Friday, 22 April 2011

Thursday 21st April 11

A really relaxing day on the whole.  I got up at 10 as I was expecting a call from a Freecycler who'd asked for some woodchip for her allotment.  I'd suggested she could go to the house up Hull Road where a big tree has been taken down and shredded, and I thought she'd ring.  She did, and I checked the 3 builder's bags were still there, took another 4 sackfuls for myself, and popped a note through the door to tell them that Emily might be coming to pick some up, plus her contact details.

I didn't have any other bookings or appointments, so I just spent the day mostly in the garden, riddling compost, adding stuff to the current heap and the Compostumbler, moving stuff so Gill could mow the lawn.

I did a bit of chainsawing, stacking and other wooding, collected some logs from a grateful neighbour, and later, visited my friend Debra for a brief chat about her son who went awol but is back now. 

Much later, got a notification from Tracey Smith that she'll be popping in to York on Saturday morning, so I organised a meeting for people to attend if they want to chat with her, at El Piano on Grape Lane, at 11.15am.  Tracey is the author of The Book of Rubbish Ideas, and founder of International Downshifting Week and a good and inspiring speaker.  She's currently involved in  a knitting project called a 'Community Blanket'.  I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

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