Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tuesday 17th June 08

Quite an early start for me, left the house soon after 8 to get down to the station so I could get to Leeds in time to start work in Bramley by 10am. I just caught an earlier train than I'd expected to, the 8.40 rather than the 8.44, and chatted to a politics student on the journey. When I got to the outside of Leeds station there was a number 16 bus which I hopped on and asked if the driver could tell me where to get off the bus, in Bramley.

My destination was 'Hillside' Refugee Reception Centre, for a funday. The event may be connected with Refugee Week. There were quite a few children there which was good. However it was quite tough as not all of then spoke good English, although I was suprised how many of them did speak English well. Did lots of balloons and towards the end of the day, a circus show. Right at the end of this, my unicycle pedal sheared off which was quite spectacular... Didn't get paid much but they are a charitable organisation and had asked for my lowest fee. Bus back to the station and a fairly quick change onto the York train, and dropped the uni off at Cycle Heaven to get the pedal fixed before bombing home, got in just before the family and spent some good times with them before tea.

After tea, went to school to mix soil with the compost I've already taken down. This will be used to fill the large containers so the children can plant up more of their seedlings.

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