Monday, 16 June 2008

Monday 16th June 08

Took the children to school.

Spent the morning typing in my paid blog, on 'Peak Oil'... very satisfying to explain this concept.

During the afternoon went to St Nicks and picked up my Big Recycle cheque and then picked up the kids from school, taking 5 sacks of compost down for gardening club. When we got back, went into town and paid in the cheque, plus the Colitis and Crohns cheque and a tax refund. Visited Cycle Heaven as a bracket on my bike had broken, so the front mudguard was loose, and they fixed it there and then, making a new 'custom' bracket for the job. Came back via Country Fresh and picked up 2 boxes of stuff for recycling.

Later, after tea, took 4 large sacks of compost down to school and spread them and the other 5 on a sheet under a tree to dry off a bit, took out some twigs and lumps of bark plus plastic contaminants, ready to mix with soil to fill the remaining containers for Green Thumbs on Thursday.

Had a bath in the evening to wash off the compost so I'm presentable for my gig tomorrow.

Watched 'Ideal' with Gill but it was the last of series 4, and it ended in a rather unsatisfactory way. It's a good programme, very funny and surreal, but quite 'dark' with the humour and this episode was very morbid. Hope that more are made though!

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