Saturday, 14 June 2008

Saturday 14th June 08

After a late night, had a bit of a lie-in before having lunch, having a shower and getting ready to go to work. Cycled along the 'Route 66' cycle path to Rowntrees and then up to Clifton Moor, where the party was. I was first at the church hall, but soon it was opened up and then the partygoers arrived... a lovely little girl, 6 tomorrow, her family and about 15 friends from her class. My shows went well and everybody enjoyed themselves... including me!

Cycled back the same way as I came, picking up some logs from the cycle track and putting them on my pannier rack. Gill had done a nutloaf for tea, after which I went for a lie-down as I don't like Dr. Who, which the rest of the family avidly watch. I came down between 9 and 10 and lit the stove, heated water for washing up, watched a bit of telly, chatted with Ali on Skype whilst doing washing up in short stints. Another late night.

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