Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Monday 23rd June 08

A relatively easy day! Spent the morning doing paperwork... writing letters and sending cheques to people, also sent a huge bag of dried fruit to my Sis who's requested some as healthy snack material, as have two of her workmates. I sent it first class, signed for, which cost £9, but I want it to get to her quickly as it's been a while since she asked me to send some, and signed for so so it actually gets to her! The signed for was only an extra 70p, and wasn't available with the second class postage price...

I got a letter with the dividend in for shopping with the Co-op, as I'm a member, so earned £16 for banking, using their insurance and going to their shop for fair trade tea, cereals, hommous and Lambrini!

Cannot remember where the afternoon went but at 3pm I went to get the little darlings, and soon after we got home, I played with the lego with them in the garden, under an apple tree, on a play-sheet thing Gill got to prevent little plastic bits going into the grass. I made a wheeled buggy with wings and a horse's head, helped by my lego-mad 10 year old. Gill made tea and I had this whilst downloading emails and getting ready for this evening's meeting, which is on York becoming a 'Transition Town', which I support wholeheartedly. The meeting was at St Nicks and was well attended and fruitful.

I collected a load of blown-down branches on the way home at 9.15, and went down Windmill Lane to pick up more before I came in just after 10. I will spend some time later this week shredding the twiggy bits and breaking up or cutting up the thick bits for drying for the woodpiles....

An early night.

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