Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sunday 1st June 08

Another excellent day... not too early a start, infact after breakfast I went back to bed to read NewScientist, a treat. Then went on the internet to research energy performance certificates for tomorrow's talk at CVS, whilst watching Countryfile. The research was interesting and I'm glad that I've been asked to do the presentation, as it has forced me to learn something new.

A good lunch, and the rain stopped so I went outside but came back in to listen to Gardeners Question Time and do the washing up. Our eldest got a phone call reminding him that he had been invited to a friend's birthday party in Selby, a swim party.

A good session in the garden, loads of shredding of brambles and hedge cuttings, and planted some squash and beans in the raised bed which I made out of two bay-window radiators, back to back. I decided to remove a lot of brambles from the hedges, as we have enough blackberries and they look untidy. I have rescued a second pair of bay-window radiators, which are even bigger than the first pair... so I'm using that as a compost bin for now but will top it off with loam and plant into it... the warmth will be good to help the squash get going... I'll have some ready in a couple of weeks to go in there.

Gill made a quiche for tea with Jersey Royal potatoes. I spent some time on Facebook and deleting emails..... far too many in my inbox!

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