Monday, 2 June 2008

Monday 2nd June 08

Woke with not much time to spare, as due at CVS Priory St Centre at 9.30.... to attend a conference, the first meeting of the Local Infrastructure Organisations Facilities and Buildings Managers Network, all of whom are involved in looking after CVS-type buildings or similar. My talk was directly after lunch and I had been invited to talk about the new Energy Performance Certificates which will have to be displayed on all public access buildings over a certain size (1000m2) from this October. This will mean that there is an 'efficiency rating' for visitors/staff to see on a wall visible to all, such as in an entrance lobby. I had found out about accredited assessors who will work out the efficiency, and then talked a bit about the best ways to make a building more energy efficient, and potential funding for this. I was pleased that many of the people had not heard of EPCs and were interested in how to make their buildings perform better.

I left at about 3pm, didn't attend the last talk, and came home via Millers Yard, picked up 2 sacks of compostables and took them to the lottie.

Gill told me that one of our children had experienced some bullying type behaviour today, we don't know exactly what went on but it is a bit worrying. And difficult to know how to deal with it. The joys of parenting, hey!

After tea, shot down to the LETS meeting at the Seahorse Hotel and enjoyed that, much prepararion for next month's AGM which I'm chairing.

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