Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13th June 08

Leisurely morning, several phone calls including a Fiddlesticks booking, and some time playing Scrabulous on Facebook!

Gill went to Art and came back for lunch, and we had a reasonably relaxing afternoon, although didn't get a lot done apart from washing up.

I went to pick up the boys at 3 and we were ok until one of them rode through some discarded yoghurt that had been left on the field. It flicked up onto his bike which made him very angry, and he had a huge paddy and ran off into the church grounds for about 10 minutes, after which I called to him to come home. He grudgingly came and got on his bike, but as he set off one of his classmates overtook him on her bike, and this set his anger off again, and he shouted at her. I wanted to apologise to the girl and her mum, but my son was now dawdling so I couldn't go on ahead and speak to the aggrieved person.

We did eventually get home, and I had offered to go to the shop after coming back so I cycled off down Heslington Road to Country Fresh, to buy veg, fruit and pick up compostables. When I got back my son immediately came to me and apologised; I told him I loved him regardless. He then went upstairs and Gill took me into the back room and said that she hadn't told me as soon as I'd come in the door that our little boy whom we love so much had just attacked her and thrown my laptop onto the floor in his anger. Gill was very upset and hurt. She told me to see if my computer was working or if the impact had damaged it. When I switched on there was a thick vertical white line or bar on the right of the screen. This persisted through all the windows opening and obscures part of the screen. I am able to use the computer, but I have to move the windows over to the left of the screen to be able to do what I do.

I ate tea quietly, feeling shaken by his behaviour, and the damage to my property, and didn't know whether to say anything to him. After tea I went to the GreenSpeak meeting at Priory St, which was about 'Peak Oil' presented by Andy Chase, who's our candidate in the next General Election. Peak Oil is a very interesting subject, pretty complicated, but I took notes and participated in the discussion afterwards.

Home before 10, did a little bit of gardening before it got dark. Came in to chat with Gill, and she told me about a couple of phone calls... one from my folks about my sister-in-law's dad who's died, and one from my friend Ali in Sheffield who's fallen out of her wheelchair and been to A+E, and is feeling very bruised. Then watched a bit of telly, and then went on the computer to do my blog and chat with K on Skype.

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