Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wednesday 11th November 09

Quite a slow start to the day but went to pick up some apple logs from the front garden up the road, and also picked up some paperwork connected to the LETS Xmas Party from Lynn. Soon after lunch I had an appointment with North Yorkshire Credit Union, to get them started with a 'Friends Of' group, starting on Facebook.

I met Polly who works for NYCU and she was au-fait with facebook, so we got a new group together 'Friends of North Yorkshire Credit Union' which will precede the real 'Friends Of' group, which I'll help start next year.

From here I went to the MIND office to discuss the Sound Mind fundraiser gig which I have volunteered to help with. I was glad to meet Mike Parker, the organiser, and my friends Moz (from my favourite York band, The Falling Spikes) and Mike Beckett, who is the Director of York MIND. We hammered out a few vital bits and pieces, a good meeting, lasting about an hour.

Home via Country Fresh where I was given a large number of punnets of grapes. The shop had been giving them away free and just wanted rid of them.

Later in the evening I cycled down to The Black Swan for the monthly 'Green Drinks', which was really good... lots of conversations and ideas floating around.

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