Saturday, 7 November 2009

Saturday 7th November 09

A work day today... got up early to ring various people who have left messages on my answerphone, also did a load of washing up which we ignored last night as we were playing Scrabble and doing our best to celebrate.

Gill ironed my costume and made my sandwiches, I gathered my stuff together and loaded the bike, getting to the station at about midday. I had arranged to meet the party host at Garforth, as he was coming through from Leeds towards Sherburn in Elmet and was happy to pick me up. The alternative was to get to Sherburn just 10 minutes before the party (not enough time to prepare) or to arrive in Sherburn at just after 11 and have nearly 3 hours to wait for the party.

So I got a single to Garforth, and then as the train times were good to get home easily after the party, a single from Sherburn to Selby and a single from Selby to York, cost £18.20. I really enjoyed the trip to Garforth as i chatted with a young Judo competitor, heading over to Manchester for a competition.

I met Rob in the carpark at Garforth and his two children, the younger one had just turned 6 and it was her party. When I got to their house I was made welcome by Nansi, who was very talkative and jolly, I ate my sandwiches in the garden and then walked up to the church hall with all my gear and Nansi, got changed and ready to entertain.

The party was not the easiest as there were 33 children and as many adults, some of whom hadn't seen each other for a while and took the opportunity to catch up, one group talked nearly all the way through both shows. I did ask for quiet a few times and no-one got upset and it did go OK, but because of the talkers, and a hyperactive 2 year old who kept wriggling out of Dad's arms and running into the stage area, it was one of the more difficult parties I've done. But fun, and successful, and at the end, several people said they had enjoyed it. Rob took me to the station... I don't know why but I said South Milford, without thinking that it was actually the wrong station. I had actually looked at getting back to York from all the nearby stations, and had written the South Milford return times down. I realised that I had longer to wait, as the Sherburn train was at 16.27 (I was in time for this, just the wrong station) and the South Milford train to Selby was at 16.40. I was fortunate that the train guard allowed me to use my Sherburn ticket... but the train drew into Selby three minutes after the York train left.

The next one was at 18.06, over an hour to wait. I went to look for the bus, as the bus station is nearby. The next bus was in less than 15 minutes. I decided that I would probably get this rather than wait for the train, despite already having the train ticket. I met a very nice chap at the bus stop and that clinched it for me, I got a single for £3 and spent half an hour on the bus chatting. However, the Selby bus stops in Piccadilly. This is a good 10 minutes walk from the station. And it was raining. I got to the station to load up my bike at the same time as the train was probably leaving Selby.

Gill welcomed me home with a large plate of pasta, cauliflower and home made bread!

I had a sneezy and ill evening. I have caught something somewhere. I need an early night.

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