Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday 29th November 09

A really good day, despite the very wet weather.

Gill and I did a bit of tidying in the loft prior to the solar panels going in but it needs SO much more!!!

I didn't do very much outside apart from picking the last of the runner beans out of the apple tree and also cropping some late nasturtium seeds (and flower buds) which would have turned to mush in the forthcoming predicted frosts. I'll wash these, put them in a jar with salt, wait until they are completely dehydrated, wash off the salt and fill the jar with vinegar. Or I might do some pickled pumpkin and used the dehydrated and washed seeds in with that.

I did visit Richard at Country Fresh and brought back 3 sacks of wonderful goodies.

Peter rang during the afternoon and asked if he could come round and see our stoves, as I had offered to show him as he is considering getting one. He came round at 5ish and I gave him a 'guided tour' of both our Clearviews. Later he sent me an link to an excellent website, the 'What Stove Review' site, which I have added to.

So quiet, happy day, not a lot happened, but I enjoyed the day lots.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Good stove website, that. Have just put my Dunsley on it.