Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday 6th November 09 'Tenth Wedding Anniversary'

And, tomorrow, the 16th anniversary of our first kiss... the beginning of our loving relationship.

We had intended to do something like get the bus to Beverley, have lunch and come back in time to get the children, but due to yesterday's chimney removal, we needed to replace the TV aerial and the person we rang said they could do 11am today.

So at about 10, Gill went to have her hair cut and I loaded up my trailer with 5 sacks of aluminium cans and several sheets of lead (which came off our chimney), and cycled down to the metal merchants on Foss Islands Road. They weighed in at 24 kg alu (£7.20) and 20kg lead (£13) so I came away with £20.20, which was OK. I remember a time when aluminium cans were worth almost twice this... but it's still good to get money for stuff I find lying around.

We had also wondered about going to see a film at sometime after midday... but guess what, the aerial chaps didn't come til midday, so no film.

After lunch I popped down to Country Fresh, came back via Freshways. I tidied up the passage way between 127 and our house, as the chimney removal left it messy. I did another big batch of waste fruit for drying.

We spent most of the afternoon together pottering around... preparing tea and tidying.

Gill went down to school and came back with our youngest and two of his friends in the pouring rain. No mini-bonfire this evening! It was lovely to hear them all laughing and playing.

They had pizza and baked squash, a few bits of salad. Followed by chocolate cake which Gill made this afternoon.

When they had eaten theirs, we had ours, with a glass of wine which one of the boys' parents brought us as a present.

We had a relaxed evening, the boys played on the computer and we played Scrabble until after midnight, with the logstove keeping us nice and warm and some good telly... Joolz Holland is always good to listen to.

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Mr Andy C said...

Happy anniversary