Sunday, 15 November 2009

Saturday 14th November 09

A very late start to the day but got busy immediately with housework and fruit drying.

Did do a little bit outside but the weather wasn't very conducive to outdoor stuff.

I popped down to Heslington Road to give David my DVD of Age of Stupid which he's showing to friends tomorrow but he wasn't in. I picked up a load of compostables plus edible vegetables from Richard at Country Fresh and came home again, spending half an hour in the cold and wet to get them into one of my tumblers.

I had a quiet few hours before going to Anna's Carbon Pledge 10:10 Party, which was really good. I contributed a large amount of dried fruit which was well received. I enjoyed the live music, provided by Ben, Rich and Camilla, especially a Bonzo Dog Doodah Band number which I didn't know but recognised from the style, with kazoo! Anna ran a quiz which was quite good. Lots of good conversations especially round the little bonfire-in-a-washingmachine-drum.

I got home well after midnight feeling refreshed and happy. Parties do this for me.

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