Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday 15th November 09

Quite a late start, which was nice, and didn't have much to do until an arranged meeting with David at 7.30, to show The Age of Stupid to some of our friends.

But I did do some work in the garden, some chainsawing, stacking... not that much though.

It was a relatively quiet day. I tried to deliver the DVD to David but he wasn't in. I picked up a small sack of recyclables from Country Fresh, and also some cans and glass jars which a neighbour had thrown in... I'll put them in the recycling.

I did do quite a bit of housework, the usual washing up, log-basket filling, taking now-dry pumpkin seeds off the sheets of paper they were drying on and putting them in a box lid to finish drying and then somehow be processed. I wonder if there is a simple machine which would remove the husk or outer shell, leaving the seed inside? Currently I do it by hand, individually... but I have tens of thousands to do... no easy job. Commercial pumpkin seeds are from a type of pumpkin which has 'naked' seeds.

Anyway, I cycled down to Davids for 7.30 with my copy of Age of Stupid, and David told me that our friend Will was coming, with his Austrian friend Otto. We had a chat afterwards, I explained about Copenhagen, Not Stupid and 10:10. Good to get another few people to see this film.

When I came home things were quiet. Later I watched a powerful film called Hard Candy, about a teenage girl getting her revenge on a paedophile.

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