Monday, 23 November 2009

Monday 23rd November 09

I got up at the normal time and helped get the children ready for school, but went back to bed soon after. Gill went down to Lord Deramore's with our youngest and went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on a school trip.

I was woken at lunchtime by one of Gill's friends ringing and wanting to catch up with her, I had a nice chat, then had a late lunch and did some housework. At 3ish I went to Freshways and picked up 3 sacks of greens and exotic fruit... all too far gone for doing anything edible with, so destined for the compost heaps...

People came home happy, which was good. I went out to the Co-op and bought pasta parcels, boiled some parsnip and sprouts to have with them, all cooked on our trusty woodstove. The boys had a friend round who had tea with us. Gill did a banana and chocolate cake in the microwave and that went down well too.

I had a quiet evening... still tired.

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