Monday, 2 November 2009

2nd November 09

Up reasonably early although I was really tired. We got a phone call saying the builders are coming tomorrow so I checked with them that it was OK to leave the logs which are along the side wall of the house (it was).

i had booked my bike into Cycle Heaven as I had found that I was unable to tighten the disc brake on my front wheel, and i thought it needed replacing. But one of the guys had a quick poke with a 'torque driver' and showed me how to tighten it without trying to grip the little plastic wheel, which is falling to bits. I was pleased with this and went to Paxtons to buy a torque driver... but they only had sets of umpteen of them, so had to get a set, plus a handle, setting me back £10.90.

Home via Country Fresh and Freshways... loads more compostables!

After lunch Gill and I moved the bricks which we reclaimed from the coal-hole demolition which I did soon after we moved here in 2001. Our neighbour is going to use the bricks to build a wall under the new fence he's going to put up where I've taken the hedge out.

I had some 'use it up' tea and went to a LETS meeting at 7.15 which was good although I was still tired.

I took the minutes and when I got home, typed them up ad sent them out.

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