Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday 17th November 09

Up at a civilised time in order to get to the Dentist's for just after 11am. My dentist was pleased with me that I've cleaner teeth than some previous times, and the scale and polish took just a few minutes.
I then bought my next year's one-week-per-page 'Trees For Life' Diary which I've been using for at least 10 years... I love the photos, and the size of the space for each day is just big enough for my busy life. Just!
Then to the Building Society to get a couple of cheques out to pay for advertising, my biggest expense as Professor Fiddlesticks.

During the afternoon I did quite a lot of paperwork... well, composing an email to my friends and colleagues at York Rotters. I did get some time outside which was lovely and reminded me of what I find important and fun.

During the evening, David my photographer friend rang me to invite me to go and watch Leonids from somewhere darker than York. I accepted.

David was already going out, whether or not he had friends with him, so I said yes, I'd go to the Hole of Horcum, between Pickering and Whitby, to find really dark skies to watch the predicted meteor shower. But as we got near Pickering, it started to rain and when we were at the parking place at the Hole of Horcum,it rained quite heavily and the clouds were continuous. We chatted in the car in the dark. But at about 10.20pm the clouds parted somewhat and we could see some stars... but thin cloud meant that we didn't see any meteors. So we came back at about 11pm. David was disappointed to not be able to photograph any shooting stars but we had some good conversations, so nice 'male bonding'.

When I got back at close to midnight, Gill had had a nice evening and was busy painting lovely abstract pictures and singing along to some obscure stuff on the telly from before my time. A happy house!

I made a large load of sweet red pepper paprika from several hundred red peppers which have come my way over the past few weeks, and I've dried and stored, and tonight put in the blender, reduced to dust, seived and jarred up... wonderful to add to lots of recipes!

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