Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wednesday 6th February 08

Awoke and could feel the thing in my eye... not painful or intrusive, but a feeling of something there when I screwed my face up, or closed my eyes tight shut. I took the boys to school, three of them including a boy who often cycles to school with his Dad, on the pavement. I told him that cycling on the pavement was illegal and that with me, all three of them would be on the road, with me cycling behind them and slightly further out into the road, to sort of protect them. They all did brilliantly, including turning right off Hull Road into Windmill Lane, and I congratulated them all when we got to school.

On the way back I went via the turf skip and took another load home, and then went back to get a further load. When I got back to my nice neat stack at home, it had collapsed, but it was still a pretty good pile and will rot down to make a good loam in a year or two...

Then I told Gill about my eye and last night's glass incident. She told me to go to casualty. I said that I didn't think it was that serious, so she told me to ring NHS Direct.... and they told me to go to casualty. So I cycled over to the hospital for a second time in two days, and didn't have to wait long to be seen. The friendly male nurse had a good look, used yellow dye, looked with a blue light, turned my eyelid inside out, but couldn't see anything, not even a scratch. He gave me some antibiotic cream as a precaution and said if it was still feeling odd in 4 or 5 days, to get in touch again and I'd be given an appointment with a specialist.

I then cycled back to the parenting course, I'd only missed 45 minutes of it, and was in time for lunch! Quite a good session today.

Afterwards went to Martin's veg and bought Heslington Potatoes, local carrots and Yorkshire broccoli, as well as being given two sachs of compostables.

Gill went to pick up the boys and to take them to self-defence/martial arts class. I did emails, blog and headed to the garden, as it was a lovely day.

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