Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Wednesday 27th February 08

Well the news is full of it... it was the strongest earthquake in the UK since one in Wales in 1984, which Gill experienced, and that one shook her out of bed and when she stood up, she fell over...

But it was my first and I was really shaken up, if readers excuse the pun. It was very frightening, weird, freaky, and left me full of adrenalin for an hour afterwards and it was difficult to go to sleep. Amazing! I feel very 'educated' as no amount of tv footage can really explain what it's like and how massive it feels. For all of my life I've felt that the earth, the ground, was still and stable and solid... and last night's earthquake puts that concept in the bin. It helps me begin to have empathy and understanding for the people who experience earthquakes in 'proper' earthquake zones. What an experience!

Had a very busy day. Was rung up first thing by my gardening friend Beth saying that the composting help she's asked for will be tomorrow morning. Then at 10.30 we set off for our Parenting Class, which was good as we heard two peoples' 'biographies' based on some props which included some old family photos and a book on Tarot and a crystal on a string.

I left immediately after lunch as I had to get to the Theatre Royal for 1pm for my first Equity AGM Northern Area, although I've been an Equity Member for well over a decade, I've never managed to get myself to an AGM. Met my friend Anneliese who writes poetry and plays and takes photos of insects whom I suggested should join Equity last year, so it was good to see her there. Also spotted Tony Morris, not sure where I know him from but probably the Black Swan Folk Music nights, and my colleague in Kids Entretainment, Henrietta Rabbit (aka Stephanie) but she was concentrating on the meeting and didn't notice me.... a very good kids entertainer when in her pink hair though!

I had to leave a few minutes early as I had to bomb into school to attend the meeting of the Gardening Club, except it's a bit more than just a gardening club, as it also was about a 'business' that the children are going to run, using produce from the gardening club - named Green Thumbs - and incorporating a cooking club and a finances section.... ambitious and long-term. I only really want to be involved in the gardening, but the concept seems good.

When I got home, and went onto the computer, I had a message from Green Thumb on my Facebook page... and I thought it was Julia (head Green Thumb!) but it was actually a gardener from North America.... what a weird co-incidence!

Had fried egg sandwiches for tea, using some eggs that were a few days out of date I found in a skip.... in their box with last week's date on... perfectly ok, as usual! Also had coleslaw with home-made raisins in, yummy!

Later on, whilst playing on the computer, discovered an excellent website with some interesting videos about eco-renovating old homes, see:

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