Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Tuesday 5th February 08

A tough day, lots of physical work and several things going wrong.

Back on dialup as my computer won't speak to the wireless broadband. So annoyed. I hate technology when it's beyond me to solve the problem.

Gill took the youngest child to school as the older one was going to a secondary school for a maths event I think, he went with a friend and his Mum.

I went to the hospital to have an X-Ray of my teeth, as the Dentist has spotted a problem and wants to see the extent of it. I got there at 8.30 and was out by 9.30 clutching the photograph which I took to my Dentist. Then went to put a cheque in and paid the water bill, came back via St Nicks to give a book back to Catherine, and was told about an event on Thursday which I could come to, with the Press filming something about York Rotters for their website.

Home for lunch, big wash up and did some stuff in the garden. Went to pick up some turf from a garden round the corner, they are going to skip it tomorrow if there's any left, and on my final trip got a puncture.

A horrible evening due to violent child.

However when he had gone to bed and we had recovered, we had a pleasent time. Except that when at 10 or 11pm I got around to mending my puncture, I found a large chip of clear glass embedded in the tyre, which had caused the puncture. I tried to remove it, and in doing so, a tiny piece flew off and hit me in the eye. I didn't think it had lodged in there, I couldn't initially feel anything and I assumed it had come out or glanced off, but later, in bed, with my eyes shut, I could feel something. However I ignored it and went to sleep. I was pleased to have successfully mended my bike.

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