Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Tuesday 19th February 08

A very cold and foggy, frosty day, and I took the boys into school and stayed with my 8 year old's class as they have a trip around York on an open top bus... not a very good day as the fog means that we won't see much! So at 9.15, two classes set off to the bus, and we went on the top deck first. It was bitterly cold and the view was not brilliant, although we could see things up to 20 or 30 metres away, just not further than that. Halfway, we swapped over and the younger ones went up on top and we came down below where it was slightly more sheltered. The commentry was quite funny; I sat with my boy and we had quite a laugh about it. We got back to the school at about 10.30 and I came home and warmed up.

Gill had gone to town and I pottered around until lunchtime, then after lunch I had a nap which was a treat! Gill got the boys from school.

A quiet evening, good behaviour all round, very harmonious.

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