Thursday, 28 February 2008

Thursday 28th February 08

Got a phone call first thing to confirm that I was going to visit an old chap's compost heaps up Hull Road to give some advice, and met with my gardening friend Beth, who does 3 hours a week there but wanted to know more about managing lots of grass mowings. When I got there, I gave the usual message that this material needs to be balanced with cardboard, paper and twiggy bits, but essentially the heaps looked ok. I dug one out and turned it, managing to get about 2 sackfulls of finished stuff plus a dustbin full, ready for top-dressing on his garden. This was a freebie with my York Rotters hat on.

Then came back to try to catch up on some work on the computer, some York Green Festival stuff, some Channel 4 eco documentary stuff, and other things...

Did manage to do some stuff outside as well as inside, quite a good day really. Felt quite tired as moved a lot of stuff around.

At 3 I went to pick up the youngest and then at 4 picked up the other one, lots of cycling.

The evening was going well, we were discussing a possible holiday, when the chilled and easygoing mood suddenly went and all hell was let loose with one child becoming an instant teenager/alpha-male/tyrant... we just don't understand this and it is so difficult to cope with.

Anyway, once in bed all was calm again and Gill and I enjoyed watching George Monbiot and Justin Rowlatt on Newsnight.

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