Sunday, 3 February 2008

Sunday 3rd February 08

Quite a late morning, but after breakfast I went to the lottie to do more tidying and to pick up my seed potatoes and veg seeds. I rejoined the allotment shop society, and was told I had 30% off any purchases as I'd helped build it! I bought some garlic too.

Then I went to do my Green Party leaflet delivery, part of the Fishergate Ward Newsletter, on Heslington Road and some of the roads off it.

Got back home just after 1pm, had lunch and did some sorting of the conservatory... got out my rotary compost sifter out for the first time and sifted the soil from last year's tomatoes and peppers. This 'spent' soil will be put on top of the raised beds in the garden which have sunk down a bit. Got quite a lot done, then at 3, Simon came round to sort out the broadband. Got it going again, then eventually got the security put on so no-one else can use it. However, then discovered that I could not send emails on it... The Phone Co-op has given me a different IP Address which tiscali won't allow emails to be sent from. There doesn't seem to be a problem recieving them... but I did go on the Tiscali website to see if this could be sorted out.

When Simon went I did another hour in the garden, finishing off the soil sifting and putting the kit away.

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Anonymous said...

Hi John

ISP's don't normally allow email to be sent that is not theirs.

You will either have to give yourself a address or you could use to send email using your Tiscali address.

Best Wishes