Thursday, 21 February 2008

Thursday 21st February 08

I took the boys into school as there was considerable resistance by one of them, and Gill feared him cycling off in the opposite direction. But they both behaved perfectly and there were no problems.

The day was lovely, did a bit of housework, some stuff in the garden, had a sleep, read some NewScientist and at 3pm Gill went to pick up our youngest and at 4 I cycled down to pick up the other one from Drama Club.

I then spent some time turning a compost heap and tidying up some mess in the back garden.

Just the easygoing sort of day that I like.

At 7.30ish I went out to meet up with folks from York Green Festival who were waiting outside Space 109, which I was supposed to have booked. I was going to book it for yesterday but last week got a message from Baz saying it was booked for tonight, and I thought he'd booked it... but neither of us had! So we had a short meeting outside and he went to the Spread Eagle with several others and I went on to The Black Swan for a CRAG meeting with a journalist who was taking pics for, I think, The Observer.

We had a good discussion, about our public meeting next month and about the various aspects of carbon reduction that we as individuals we are trying to achieve. We agreed to meet just before the public meeting on Carbon Offsetting to finalise what we are going to say and present. I'm going to try to get a speaker from an offsetting company and/or some publicity materials, and possibly the short film 'Cheat Neutral' which is basically anti-offsetting. We had a poster advertising the meeting brought and we need to construct a press release.


Anonymous said...

Does everything work OK with all that cycling?

Compost John said...

I'm not sure what 'anonymous' is asking, but I think lots of cycling is one of the things which keeps me fit and healthy and happy. And it's low carbon and cheap!
The other thing is that if I don't do some vigorous exercise every day, I don't sleep very well. My hyperactivity needs managing, and therefore my lifestyle with woodchopping, compost heap turning and regular cycling including heavy load lugging is just perfect.

I dont sleep that much anyway, even with lots of activity, I usually go to bed at 1 or 2 am and am then up at 8 most days. I very occasionally have a nap after lunch... this is a treat, siesta time, maybe once a month!
oh, and 'everything works fine' thanks!!!!