Thursday, 7 February 2008

Thursday 7th February 08

n'tGill took our youngest to school as the older one had a bad night with not much sleep, and Gill had hoped to get him to the Doctor, but there were no appointments available. He went to school after lunch.

I went to St Nicks at 10.30 as the local paper, the Press, was filming a piece on York Rotters for their website.... so I went along to see what was happening and to offer any help needed. Jo was filmed with her wormery, then Catherine our paid worker did a piece to camera, then a new volunteer from Norway, Ellen-Marie, did a bit of 'practical composting' by lobbing some fruit skins in a dalek and showing some of the material from the base, and enthusing about it. See this link for the result: I haven't seen it yet as my dialup is too slow (my broadband still isn't working!)

So I stayed there, helping out, til about midday, and also chatted with the cycle courriers who were drooling over a new bike which has a very solid rack on the back, designed to carry 2 people, or 200kg of load! I felt I'd like one of these too, as I picked up a few logs with my trailer and came home.

After lunch I did some tidying of logpiles, rebuilding one next to the front door and sweeping up leaves my neighbour complained about.

I picked up my youngest son at 3.15 and the eldest one at 4.15 after his drama club.

Had a quick tea of fried egg sandwich, broccoli and veg pastie, and at 7 went to the Hull Road Ward Committee meeting which was enjoyable... met Philip, recently told by the court that he has to pay his council tax, regardless of the lack of services he's recieved, and Carolynne who was gobby and wonderful as usual! I along with 7 others was signed up to the new Planning Panel, who scrutinise planning applications every three weeks and give in comments to the Council.

Spent a long time on the computer during the rest of the evening.

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