Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Tuesday 3rd July 07

Gill took the boys to school as I was up late last night, trying to do various work on the computer, and failing dismally, so I think she felt sorry for me. But their protests before leaving awoke me at 8.20 and I came down and did some washing up with last night's hot water from the woodstove, then had an interesting phone call, planned, from an Australian PHd student called Carmel, who's researching environmentalists and their beliefs. This took an hour and twenty minutes, I enjoy being interviewed as it helps me think about my motives, why I do things and whether my values are reflected in my behaviour.

Then I went onto my computer and got on with the risk assessment, which is really difficult. This went on til 3pm when Gill cycled to school and I needed a break and went to the Co-op, and then did a bit of work in the garden. I filled up a dalek and then dug out a large pallet bin with sit n wait compost in, and turned it into the next bay.

Came in at nearly 10pm and had a shower and sat with Gill for a bit, then got on with work.

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