Thursday, 12 July 2007

Thursday 12th July 07

I took the boys into school and then went back to bed as exhausted.

Got up as I couldn't sleep and wasn't feeling restful, rested or restable, infact I had to go and check the emails to see if any of my friends/colleagues had sent me anything to assist in the making of the Green Festival Document to make it better and more likely to be accepted by the council.

There was one email, from Tim the council person who'd volunteered to take responsibility for organising the children's festival area, and he was pulling out. I felt depressed, rats leaving a sinking ship crosses my mind. Anyway, emailed my friends who are still supportive, I think, and asked for help.

Then it was lunchtime and after that I popped into town to put a pile of cheques in and visit Dylan at Miller's Yard and the tax office, to discuss how I deal with the impending purchase of my next bike, which will be used for Fiddlesticks, 'John the Composter' and for non-work rides. Over a phone helpline the system was explained about 'capital allowances' and how some purchases aren't considered simple expenses, but are treated a bit differently for taxation reasons. It is complicated but we'll cope!

Came back via Hes Rd Veg, Martin's Rotten Old Gunk shop and arrived back just at 3pm, in time to pick up the boys... all go... never stops!

In the evening I went to the St Nicks Volunteers event, to discuss volunteer policies and have a social. A good time was had.

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