Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thursday 5th July 07

Another fairly early morning as noisy downstairs so I got up and took the boys to school, although they were pretty horrible before setting out, and both apologised to me when they got to school. My youngest had spent so long not putting on his socks that I put them on him for him, in anger and he wasn't happy, nor was I. But we got to school on time, which is better than some people who are still coming to school when I'm coming back home.

Spent most of the day on the computer trying to sort out the bloody risk assessment which is not easy as I think I should be detailed and include everything which could affect the punters at the festival, and the boss at the council says I should only include those things connected with the Festival and what we bring onto site. I find her difficult to deal with, she's sarcastic and I don't like this approach. But she's the boss and could cancel the Green Festival so I cannot upset her!

Got the kids at 3 and then did some more sorting, this time talking to the PA person about Portable Appliance Testing and how we can ensure that all the musicians get their instruments certificated as electrically safe. Then sometime after 4 went to Scarcroft Green for 'Green on the Green', to see my CRAGger friends, Rotters, St Nicks-ites and other greenies.

At 5pm, when the event finished, Jo, who was working on the York Rotters stall, and she came to the Rowntrees Park with me with the maps she's printed off for me. Walked round in the rain checking out the venues for the live music, stalls, solar cinema and DJ area. Talked to the Park staff about power points and access to water.

Then cycled home and got in shortly after 6pm, and Gill had created a good tea of bulgar wheat, veg and chestnuts.

Went back on the email after this, and bombed into town, picked up the Space 109 keys and went to get on with the meeting. The meeting went well, several stallholders attended and we had a good meeting. This will be reported in my other blogspot blog, the York Green Festival blog, when I write it up.

Then went to the Blue Bell pub with Martin and Graham, and had some really interesting chats about relationships and the various different styles of relationship which now exist and are named and described. Fascinating, thought provoking.

Came back tipsy and had a good email and Googletalk session with K, didn't get much else done though!

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