Friday, 6 July 2007

Friday 6th July 07

Woke at 4.30 am and couldn't go back to sleep, as birds noisy outside and my lovely wife snoring, so I got up and got dressed and went into the garden and did some composting for an hour, then came in for breakfast. Whilst watching the early morning news and reading an interesting magazine called I found myself drifting off so I went back upstairs as Gill was getting up, and I got another couple of hours sleep.

But was awoken by my 9 year old yelling at the top of his voice at Mum that she was an auful mum, so I came down to see if I could help and support and defuse...
He'd been hitting his younger brother, Gill had told him to stop, and he'd continued, so Gill said 'oh I give up' to which he erupted with his hurtful comment. His anger was so intense that I sent him to his room and said he wasn't going to school with mum, so Gill cycled to school with the younger one only. When the shouting had stopped I went to talk to him, to give him a hug and some reassurance, and to see if I could find out what had happened to set him off. Gill came in and took him into our bed, as he'd apparently also been awake very early, and she cuddled him to sleep, he slept for a couple of hours, and had lunch at home and was taken into school at lunchtime. What a todo! What do we do? We need help coping. Help! We have asked for help and are going to be rung up next week by child mental health services.

At about 11am, the producer of ITV's 'Wood you believe it?' (I think it's spelt like this, as presented by Duncan Wood) called Charlie came round to suss out the scene here, as they are filming next week. They are interested in the composting, cycling and woodburning as part of our low-impact lifestyle. The programme will go out in Aug/Sept on ITV1 Yorkshire at 11pm.

She stayed til after 1pm, and then I went on the computer to try to keep on with the risk assessment for York Green Festival, but 3pm came around so soon and I cycled to school to pick up my sons.

When I got back, I went straight into town to do my Friday compostables pick up from Out Of Date World, came back with a trailer full of delights, ate some of them and went immediately into town again to take part in the monthly Critical Mass Cycle Ride, which this month had 17 riders, joined later by another two, was a good ride, with only one appallingly behaved car-driver, in a red car, very aggressive and should have been reported for dangerous driving. We gave him as good as he gave us....

Back by 7pm, boys heading for bed within the hour and I spent the hour clearing up the piles of crap and wet cardboard into a new heap.

Washing up and blogging in the evening, will try to finish risk assessment over weekend... when I don't know, but will try! I went on the Live Earth website and registered my support and pledge, and took a few minutes to do the online carbon calculator, which gave me a 'one tonne' score... quite low. My 'points' score was 126, very low. Not sure what this meant, but it tallies with a couple of other calculators I've done.

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