Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Monday 9th July 07

Recovering from a busy weekend in Sheffield and Warrington, and spent the best part of the day doing the Risk Assessment for York Green Festival. Difficult.
Was told by the Council that what I have submitted so far is not acceptable, and if I cannot get something better in by 4pm on Weds, then they will cancel the event.

At teatime I went down to the school in Heslington to help with a York Rotters stall at the Ward Committee open air info day. I got my bike 'tagged' by the police so if it gets stolen and found, it can be scanned and it will come up as mine.

Home to write my paid blog which was about Live Earth and Sheffield Green Fair.

Then spent til 2am trying to make the Green Festival document fuller and more like a risk assessment that I was given last week as a template.

Not an easy task, frustrating and needed lots of concentration. Didn't write personal blog, no time.

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