Friday, 20 July 2007

Friday 20th July 07

A busy day working, got the 9.30 bus to Pocklington and changed to the Bridlington bus and got off at the Driffield Bus station, and was soon met by my booker Ruth, who's a mum on the Board of Governors for Langtoft School.

I recognised the school, I'd done something there a couple of years ago, and this event was a bit of a sad one as the school has been told it is too small to be able to deliver the curriculum to the juniors, so they're moving to a larger school some way away, leaving the infants.

So they had a sports day in the morning and then a party tea, which included much food flinging, then after clearing up, my shows which were well recieved and provided much fun for all, and a suitable last day. Was dropped off in Driffield at 3pm, went to Boots to get prescription, and waited for the bus. Snoozed on the bus as absolutely exhausted, home by 5, went on email to do more YGF, oh I'll be glad when it's over!

At 9pm, popped down to Heslington Road greengrocers to pick up 2 boxes of stuff left out for me, and raided a skip for wood on the way back!

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