Monday, 2 July 2007

Monday 2nd July 07

Well, a tough day, I took the boys into school as I won't be able to pick them up, and Gill and I share everything as equally as possible. At about 9.15, a Freecycler called Andrew called, who'd advertised for stuff for his garden, so I'd offered him some compost. He had the tour, and was as suprised as most people are about the range of things which are compostable... and he drove away with a sack of the stuff suitable educated and promising to put more materials on his new heap! Just the outcome I'm wanting.

Then went on the computer and tried to keep going with the Risk Assessment, adding several bits I'd forgotten. Did this for the best part of the morning and then after lunch went into town and picked up my Out Of This World stuff, then at 2 had a meeting with Tim Waudby who's co-ordinating the Children's Festival, and was having a meeting with the providers of the children's activities. Only one provider turned up though, but it was a good meeting anyway, we got some stuff sorted out. However he had been sent an email from Liz, who's in charg of all the Festivals in York, and she had slated my risk assessment, saying it wasn't nearly ready to give in. Oh dear!

Got home at the same time as Gill and the boys got back from school, and I had to get going on the risk assessment to make it more like something acceptable.

I've also got a paid blog to do, so started thinking about this, all I could think of was that I'm under pressure, so late on I logged onto the Community Care site and did my blog. I read it out to Gill, who said it was good, and as I pressed the button for 'save' the screen went blank and 'internet explorer cannot display this page' came up. After a bit of looking into the site a few mins later, I discovered I'd lost it. Felt really down. I had also had a lack of success trying to send a large 'attachment' containing a picture of the Rowntree Park to Baz, who's helping with stewarding, but the email was taking 20 to 30 minutes to send, and the line kept on closing for a second, and the email failed and I had to restart sending. Tried this half a dozen times before giving up. Tiscali dialup connection not brilliant. My mood not brilliant, despondent.

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