Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday 13th July 07

A day. The best thing was going on a time trial on my bike, 7.9km, organised by Clifton Cycling Club. It started at 7pm, actually a little later, and I was 18th to start, with people starting every minute. I was soon overtaken by the 19th, a large young lad, and after that by the 20th, which spurred me on to go a little faster. I came 35th out of 40 riders, not suprising as I was on my ordinary bike with lights/dynamo, bell, mudguards, and non-aerodynamic clothing. However I did take off my trailer and panniers! My average speed was just over 19mph or 30kmh. I kinda didn't enjoy the cycle as it was tough, but enjoyed the camardarie afterwards.

Earlier in the day I did a cycle through town, collected my compostables, popped into Cycle Heaven and got home for lunch.

Did only a small amount to try to rectify the YGF situation.

Feel depressed about it. Anyway, I have done my best.

The only other thing of interest was that on breakfast TV there was a short report about the lack of services for 'adult sufferers of ADHD, many of whom are condemmed to a life of chaos and even prison'. It made me cry, I feel that wobbly. Not a good feeling, and the 'condemmed' and 'chaos' feel very close to the truth right now.

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