Saturday, 28 July 2007

Friday 27th July 07

Well a good day, did a load of paperwork such as sending the Red Cross booking to them... a bit late but it's all confirmed via the net, and a phone call to the boss in Idle near Bradford confirmed the late paperwork wasn't a problem. Bought stamps, sent various things out.

Tried to have some fun with my boys, as Gill had suggested that I ought to make more of an effort to play with them, so got the circus equipment out, but they just aren't interested really and the attempt to have some fun ended in conflict and tears. Rearing children is so hard.

But they did calm down and peace was made, had lunch and then went to Rowntree Park for 'radio training' with Dave the licencee of the park, who had also got some bright yellow tabards for the stewards. Met up with Jo who is a very level-headed and sensible person (in my eyes anyway) and we had a good chat and I felt quite grounded afterwards.

Visited Cycle Heaven, and saw my bicycle priced up which they're going to build me... expensive but 'the strongest bike they've ever built' will be just perfect for me. I said 'YES' please build me that set-up, will be ready in 2 or 3 weeks. Excited already!

Then a regular pick up from OOTW and saw Marianne about the Festival and she gave me my July honourarium, always nice to be given money for something you enjoy doing!

Then to Mail Boxes Etc who have printed out programme, and it's ok, so cycled home with a box full of them, and picked up some more stuff from Martins.

Did a ring round to find the best deal on fire extinguishers... so buying 2kg of CO2 for £67... weird for a green festival intent on reducing CO2 emissions. Just hope we don't need to use it!

Then made sandwiches and loaded the trailer with Fiddlesticks stuff, Gill plaited my hair and I set off for the station for a gig in Harrogate, at Fairfax Community Centre.

This went well, even though under-attended, and got back here at 10.15 with another load of compostables balanced on the trailer along with the unicycles etc.

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