Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Tuesday 17th April 07

Due to another late night talking with my friend in America on Googletalk, I woke quite late, after 9am, with my wife coming in and talling me the York Press was on the phone. I came down to answer questions on 'ethical death' following the Newsnight programme last week, and I chatted for half an hour about composting cadavers, aerobic vs anaerobic rots, the less ethical approaches to disposing of dead bodies such as burial and cremation. I look forward to the Press article on it.

Then breakfast, and round to Debbie's to fold Green Party leaflets and Castle Area Campaign ones, and then a fairly quick delivery round.

Home for lunch and a quiet afternoon with Gill, a bit of riddling compost and preparation of growing medium, and collected kids at 3.15.

A fairly nondescript day.

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